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"I started initially working with Josh because I needed help dropping my body fat % and building a stronger / leaner physique. The advanced strength and hypertrophy training phases Josh setup are unbelievable... the program completely changed the way I look at nutrition and training. Josh prepped me for my first natural bodybuilding competition which I placed in the top 3 fitness division. I couldn't be happier with my results and I would definitely recommend Josh for anyone looking for a knowledgeable and qualified coach who knows the industry and how to get people the results they are after!"

Bryce G

Australian Top 3 Physique & Fitness Athlete

"I was able to reach my ideal weight on the program, feel so much happier and healthy!, 100% recommend Josh!"

Jasmine C

"Working on the program with Josh was great, allowed me to drop my body fat %, definitely recommend the program!"

Erica C

"I'm from Italy and started on this program with Josh, very happy with the support and knowledge from Josh"

Tassiana G

"I couldn't be any happer with my results on Josh' program, it's completly changed the way I look at cooking and preparing my meals"

Danielle E



"I’m from Brazil and my passion is playing soccer but I had too much weight to play at a professional level. I had heard from a friend about Josh and needed help so I contacted Josh about his Elite Online Coaching program. He first set my program up for dropping body fat and gaining more muscle & strength, it wasn’t easy but I’m so happy with myself, I’ve lost 15kg and continuing to work with Josh and now build more muscle and increase my strength. Josh’s nutrition knowledge and training techniques are at the top level, highly recommend for anyone wanting an experienced coach who get's you results!"

Jenna S. Australia

Brunno T. Brazil

"Having a job which required a lot of travel made it very hard for me to lose weight and keep it off, working with Josh allowed me to learn about healthy eating, digestive health and the correct type of training I needed to reach my goals, I lost 10kg in only 12 weeks.

Whenever I had problems on the program with my menstrual cycle or bad weeks Josh had all the right answers and was a fantastic coach, I would highly recommend working with Josh if you're after results!"


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