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Advanced Elite Coaching with Josh!

*Results vary depending on starting point, goals, and effort.

Work exclusively with a trusted globally recognised coach, utilising proven science backed advanced training & nutritional principles


Having Josh as your coach means you will be working personally and very closely with a world renowned experienced and highly qualified online trainer. Josh takes on a limited number of clients each month to ensure he delivers only the highest personalized service. Athletes and women who want fast sustainable results supporting their digestive health, come to Josh. 


Unlike general personal trainers from your local gym, you will be one of the few people in the world who has personal access to communicate with Josh. This allows for the program messaging system, social media, constant feedback, program tweaking/modifications and motivation. Two 60 minute sessions with a personal trainer will have little effect on your results, working with Josh gives you the advantage of consistency everyday with your diet, advanced training techniques, supplement guidance, recovery techniques and important lifestyle changes. 

Josh has helped many women world-wide achieve amazing body transformations, his passion for helping and investing himself in each client's results makes Josh different from most trainers. Each and every client is unique and special to Josh, this unique relationship ensures you receive the results which you deserve. When you start your journey with Josh towards achieving your body composition goals, you embark with Josh in a life long friendship. 




Josh is a qualified personal trainer, certified sports nutrition specialist, and is a member of the International Society of Sports Nutrition & Sports Nutrition Australia. Josh's combined education with his unique skill set, passion and experience set's him apart from any other coach currently in the fitness industry. 

As a coach who was diagnosed years ago with Ulcerative Colitis, Josh believes in the importance of a healthy digestive system for aiding optimal health and a sustainable body transformation. Josh also believes in periodic detoxing and has years of experience researching gut health, Josh advises on healthy practices for supporting digestive health and he understands the important link between gut microbiome with weight gain & obesity. 



With the average personal trainer in your local gym charging anywhere from $80-150 per hour, without nutritional / supplement knowledge or being able to support you outside the gym, you will be in a significant disadvantage for achieving rapid and sustainable body composition results. 


If you look around in the fitness industry today, it's very hard to find a trainer who is willing to 100% back their claims and GUARANTEE your results. Most trainers don't have the experience, knowledge, education and passion needed to ensure your success. Josh guarantees results because he has a proven track record with 100's of consecutive success cases and testimonials. If for some reason you don't receive results on the program, Josh will work personally with you until you do!


Josh is a globally recognised online trainer, with years of experience in life changing physique transformations. He has successfully coached hundreds of clients, including Natural Physique Athletes, Competition Fitness Models and Natural Bodybuilders.

Along with this, Josh is a highly certified online personal trainer, certified Sports Nutrition Specialist and member of the ISSN International Society of Sports Nutrition.

Josh is known for specializing in digestive health, contest preparation & female physique transformations, and has a unique set of skills and knowledge offering top level coaching services which very few trainers can replicate.

With a holistic and sustainable approach supporting digestive health, Josh's passion and personal desire is to help women not only reach their true potential & body composition goals but also give them the skills and knowledge they need to continue their lives with sustainability and future success. 

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100% Personalized Meal Plan Designed Specifically for your Digestive Health, Goals, Body Type, Training Type, Hormones, Lifestyle & Preferences

Specific caloric breakdown and macro ratio, tailed specifically for your health & goals


Complete supplement recommendations aiding digestive health and optimal health levels on the program

A meal plan designed with only food choices you prefer, and the ability to be creative with your cooking!

Nutritional education system for learning caloric & nutritional values with different food types, for long term sustainable success

Continuous review of caloric intake, with adjustments when necessary

Designed to detoxify your body and improve energy with training performance

An enjoyable diet which gives you flexibility and allows creativity, the options are endless!

"Having a job which required a lot of travel made it very hard for me to lose weight and keep it off, working with Josh allowed me to learn about healthy eating, digestive health and the correct type of training I needed to reach my goals, I lost weight and toned up!

Whenever I had problems on the program with my menstrual cycle or bad weeks Josh had all the right answers and was a fantastic coach, I would highly recommend working with Josh if you're after results!"

Jenna S. Australia

Access to your training program anywhere from the training Mobile App / System

Full workout and training plan changes every 4 weeks to ensure maximum results while avoiding training plateaus

With years of extensive experience working in the fitness industry, I've developed the most efficient advanced and proven training techniques for supporting digestive health, dropping body fat & detoxing your body!


What's included?

Complete video demonstrations with detailed instructions for each exercise

Weekly training breakdown to suit your lifestyle, training can be outdoors, gym or in the comfort of your own home!

Full flexibility / stretching routines for injury prevention with increase flexibility and blood flow

Ab / Core workouts to build strength and tone your mid section

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Workouts to maximize fat loss 

I’m from Brazil and my passion is playing soccer but I had too much weight to play at a professional level. I had heard from a friend about Josh and needed help so I contacted Josh about his Elite Online Coaching program. He first set my program up for dropping body fat and gaining more muscle & strength, it wasn’t easy but I’m so happy with myself, I’ve lost 15kg and continuing to work with Josh and now build more muscle and increase my strength. Josh’s nutrition knowledge and training techniques are at the top level, highly recommend for anyone wanting an experienced coach who get's you results!

Brunno T


"Josh's knowledge with gut health & nutrition is incredible.. I started working with Josh because I really needed help to drop my body fat and build muscle, the strength and hypertrophy training phases Josh setup are awesome! the program has changed the way I look at nutrition and training. I would recommend Josh for anyone looking for a knowledgeable and qualified coach who gets results."

"Thanks Josh people have asked me if I think I will gain the weight back, but the program has completely changed the way I look at cooking and preparing meals and now this is the way my family eats. My husband got really lean too. I got to my goal weight the week before my son's 1st birthday. It really shows that diet is so important."

"The program hasn't only allowed me to achieve my weight-loss goal, it's taught me about healthy eating and which supplements are best for my training. The training program was awesome showing video with the correct techniques for all the exercises. I feel like I know how to keep this weight off now and in the future!"

Real People. Real Results.

"I've had digestive issues as long as I can remember and as a busy mum and working full-time I never had enough time to get to the gym, starting Josh's online training program allowed me to lose my pregnancy weight and more than I expected! I lost unwanted  weight by following Josh's advice, my digestive problems have improved dramatically.. it’s now 5 months later and the weight is still gone"








No Lock In Contracts!

For half the price of a personal training session you can have a highly qualified & world renowned coach ensuring your success!




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